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Turn the PMO into a Strategic Partner

Often, companies fall short of or have exceeding data at their fingertips. Becoming overwhelmed by the data flow may not be good for the organization. However, data should not be considered as a burden, and it is the responsibility of the PMO to bring life to it.

In this article at Planview, Maria Harper explains three methods for the PMOs to fuel their decisions with data and turn themselves into a strategic partner in the organization.

Access to Strategic KPIs

With an effort to make key trade-off decisions, the PMO must have access to the organization’s strategic KPIs. It is the responsibility of the organizations to view the PMO as a business partner, rather than an executor of work. To get started, follow these methods:

  1. Constant Feedback Loops: To maintain managers and stakeholders’ relationship, they must exchange appropriate data in their inbox each reporting period. This will establish a common language in the organization regarding the progress and output, making everything way easier and reliable.
  2. Visualize Investment Decisions: Initiate progressive planning to trade-off future roadmap. Data is easier to understand if presented in a visually appealing format. But it may take forever to manually transfer into such formats. By adopting an automated solution to take the manual process out of the equation may unlock insights to retrieve from a simple and visual presentation of data.
  3. Storytelling Dashboard: Consider dashboard as an interactive data story to conduct stakeholder analysis, data exploration, highlight and show KPIs, and construct interactive analytics. The interactive nature of the dashboard allows customers to provide better feedback to execute.

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