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5 PMO Tips for Supply Chain Pro to Lead

To lead in the corporate world, business leaders need skilled professionals who can confidently nail any complex project. There is a dire need for professionals who are open to take any challenge and convert it into success.

In this article at Strategic Sourceror, the author explains that success of a venture is closely linked to the performance of the supply chain. If you wish to grow your business, then make your supply chain successful first.

Rank of Supply Chain

As supply chain management is essential to optimize operations and maximize speed and efficiency, the role of PMO is to help the supply chain managers increase their work speed and hone professional skills. Let’s take a look at some smart ways PMO can help the supply chain professionals in the running year:

  • First Right Step: From the initial planning sessions to the last debriefing meet, only consistency and clarity can pave the way to success. Thereby, the PMO’s must clarify and develop a deep understanding of project scope to the supply chain managers. Even though sudden changes are possible, an effective project scope can make way for the successful accomplishment of the project.
  • Focus on Why: The millennials believe in holding a purposeful job. The new age supply chain professionals also want to know if their current role will add meaning to their career in the future, company growth, and the world at large. Thereby, the PMO must emphasize more on the purpose and potential impacts of the project to boost morale, and promote productivity.
  • Risk Response Unit: Even the most active project manager may end up hitting a snag during anew initiative. Especially in supply chain management, where risk factors like bad weather, government regulations, and cyber threats are constant. Thereby, the PMO and risk response team must plan ahead for every conceivable instance.
  • Put No End to Learning: Being the hot topic of innovation and growth, project management skills are an equally hot commodity. There is a constant stream of new research and innovation that happens every year. Therefore, the supply chain professionals should never stop learning and reading about it. They must keep a constant eye on fresh insights.
  • Insist on Accountability: It is wrong to demand perfection from the team always. But demanding accountability is good. It is okay to make mistakes but if a team member does not accept his accountability for the job, it is a matter of deep concern. This clearly showcases his efficiency in understanding the sensitivity of his role. A good PMO holds high standards and it should never let the team off the hook.

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