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PMO: Foster Balance with Effective Onboarding

Onboarding is the process for a new employee to know the organization he or she is joining. This helps in familiarizing the new employee with services the organization offers while making them feel comfortable at work.

In this article at PMO Partners, the author suggests how strong onboarding process can help the PMO to attract and retain top industry talent and foster balance and confidence among them.

The Incoming

A PMO has to bring new talent on board to contribute a new and fresh approach to lead a project. Usually, this happens when an existing team member takes a leap or opts to become a part of other projects. In such circumstances, the act of incorporating new talent into the project can make a major impact on the regular project process. Here are some strong effects of the right onboarding process for organizations:

  1. Employee Engagement: Building a foundation for employee engagement since the beginning of the project will provide an open opportunity to showcase your company’s values and objectives. It promotes the company’s existing reputation and also attracts clients and talented candidates to your doorstep.
  2. Balance & Confidence: Successful accomplishment of doing any job right is knowing your position and value in the organization. While onboarding employees, give them the required knowledge, balance, and confidence to succeed in every sphere of work. This will encourage new employees to showcase their talent and make space for themselves in the PMO.
  3. Forging Improved Connection: Productive and engaging employees establish strong connections with their peers and supervisors. During the onboarding process, a mentorship program can make it easier to foster these connections.
  4. Talent Retention: With fast-growing competition, bringing talented individuals onboard is a need. Apart from additional perks over high pay package, the new age employees look for a plethora of networking opportunities in the organization they join.
  5. Open Communication: The employees today want to join a company that values open communication. In the process of onboarding, the PMO possesses the ability to showcase the availability of the supervisors to establish seamless communication with the new employees.

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