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How C-Suite Can Make Your PMO Ready for the Digital Age

As per a recent study, 92 percent of respondents think PMO is the ‘driving force’ in the digital age. They are supposed to guide organizations not only to complete projects on time and within budget but also in innovation. In this article at Villanova University, understand how C-suite can make your PMO ready for the digital age.

C-Suite and the PMO

A report by Forbes and PMI reveals the required qualification of a leading PMO and C-suite role in the transformation. You can achieve success in the digital age when C-suite does the following:

  • Creates a culture that enables continuous learning
  • Supports change management
  • Understands the role of a disruptive leader

The Importance of the Support

ManpowerGroup Chief Talent Scientist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic opines in “The C-suite Outlook” that transformation happens from the ‘top down’. While PMOs can be the digital transformation leaders, they need support from chief executives of a company. As per a PMI report, leaders must acknowledge the importance of a PMO and the results of a successful digital transformation effort. Learn how C-suite can make your PMO ready for the digital age below:

  • Shopify Senior VP Jean-Michel Lemieux opines that C-suite support can make or break an organizational transformation journey. He encourages his peers to attend product demos and technology reviews to promote a culture of innovation.
  • WEX President and CEO Melissa Smith believes that leaders help in cultivating an innovative culture. She closely works with employees to understand the outcomes of emerging technologies.
  • Infosys Consulting Global Head Ken Toombs insists that communication is the key. To refresh his viewpoints, he talks to 40 junior employees every month.
  • Synchrony VP Beto Casellas expresses that he wants to inculcate an innovative mindset by being passionate about technology himself. Though he is not a tech geek, he participates in every technology discussion to show his enthusiasm.

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