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5 Reasons to Take up PMO Practitioner Course

Being the hot spot of innovation and exponential growth, project management as a profession is fast gaining traction in the global economy. Gradually, the supporting roles fulfilled by project management offices (PMOs) will see and experience incredible growth.

In this article at Wellingtone, the author shares how project managers and other delivery roles under project manager have defined bodies of knowledge available to guide their practice and behavior. However, PMO is left behind to learn and make his own knowledge hub.

Gap Demerit Credibility

Those who are involved in PMOs may face a situation where without suitable competencies and adequate knowledge, individuals may be replaced by project practitioners or senior stakeholders to lead the project. Therefore, to save their present position, solid knowledge and the ability to apply that in the right context is essential, else all are set for failure. Here are some other reasons to explore before taking a PMO practitioner course:

  1. Unlock Potential: There are many PMOs, but most have not yet explored their potential. As per a recent report of the State of Project Management 2016-17, PMOs have become a standard feature of the organizational landscape, with 85 percent of organizations having a PMO. Still, the PMO’s value is often challenged in contributing business value.
  2. Correlation: Knowledge will make the PMO more mature and that will help him deliver better. The State of the Project Management 2017 report also states that greater PMO capability leads to better performance and contribution to business value. This will impact in equipping the PMO practitioners with the right skills and investing in the PMO’s maturity.
  3. Competency: Everyone involved in the PMO have their own roles that they wish to take up for improving their level of competencies. However, most PMO professionals are left to learn the trade tactics of their jobs on their own. This does not reflect the reality of their role nor do the competencies they need the most.
  4. A Shortcoming of Existing Guidance: Most of the existing PMO guidance, especially in the UK, is based on the P3O (portfolio, programme and project offices) qualification. This is not comprehensive and relevant enough to meet the existing needs of PMO professionals. Practical knowledge is pivotal to lead in the current scenario.
  5. Being Passionate: This should be the most essential reason for joining the PMO practitioner course. Those who are passionate about project management and PMOs, and are heavily involved in it, if they take up an advanced course, it will pump up their existing knowledge. Also, it will help you contribute in the field with better ideas and purpose to contribute to PMO growth.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.wellingtone.co.uk/why-should-i-attend-pmo-practitioner-course/

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