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What Certifications Every PMO Professional Needs Really?

A PMO leader is expected to support project managers, coordinators, analysts, controllers, etc. They are supposed to know everything about project management. However, their work is to support the projects and not deliver them. In this article at Arras People, Lindsay Scott discusses certification every PMO professionals really needs.

Skills Development of a PMO Professional

There are project management courses for project leaders but there were few certification courses for PMO professionals. You either havehh to learn on the job or wait for a great mentor to cross your career path. While you are lucky to have got even a mentor, you are seeing the world from a single perspective. Lacking proper guidance, your work seemed mostly administrative.

Things have changed over the last 16 years when more companies are paying attention to the PMO growth. You are not only supporting projects but programs and portfolios. There are four levels of PMO currently:

  • Level 1: New to project support
  • Level 2: Supports portfolios, programs, and projects
  • Level 3: Leads and manages a group of PMOs
  • Level 4: Manages and guides PMOs

You are providing more value to the company now than a few years before. So, PMO professionals need to undergo proper training and certification courses to validate their credibility. Following are the courses a PMO professional can take up to boost career growth:

British Computer Society (BCS): There are two courses that this institute provides. The basic level is PPSO Essentials and the next level is PPSO Advanced Practitioner. If you are new to PMO, PPSO Essentials will fill you in with the basic knowledge.

AXELOS: Just like the above-mentioned firm, this too provides two levels—P3O Foundation and P3O Practitioner.

Association for International PMO (AIPMO): This institute provides three levels of certification—IPMO-Foundation, IPMO-Practitioner, and IPMO-Expert. IPMO-Expert is best suited for people that are in Level 4.

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