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3 Smart Ways to Execute Testing Better

Every experienced project manager must be prepared for the last-minute change that usually gets squeezed in during the last phase of testing. The manager apart from being diligent about meeting the deadlines should also be able to say ‘No’ to the stakeholders’ requests of making changes.

In this article at Project Management Tips, the author explains that if testing cannot be completed effectively, managers should find a solution to convince stakeholders. Hence, they need to plan better and schedule enough time for testing activity.

Right Estimate

To stick to the estimated testing time, project managers must convince the vocal stakeholders. They need to push additional requests that come in from the stakeholders, keeping time as the utmost priority. Apart from this, here are a few things that project managers must update their stakeholders to help them understand the importance of testing:

  1. Spot Error: Testing is the best way to find out what does not work well in the project. It helps in delivering the expected results, something stakeholders deserve to have faith in. Logically, working through the various processes and deliverables gives you a solid base for being able to say you are delivering what you promised.
  2. Demonstrate Deliverables: Involve stakeholders in relevant areas of the testing phase to demonstrate its importance. Ultimately, they are the ones who want the best outcomes. Testing helps the users know what you have done and allow them to see the product. In fact, it helps you get timely feedback and deliver the best outcome.
  3. System Usage: Testing phase is the best way to check if you have made the right notes about the project requirements. Regular involvement of the business users or stakeholders will ensure that you are working in the most appropriate way. Also, make sure testing should not replace a deep engagement with business users throughout the development phase.

Click on the following link to read the full-length article: http://pmtips.net/blog-new/3-reasons-why-you-should-plan-your-testing-phase

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