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Is Your PMO Fit for Transformation Initiative?

Initiating transformation plan is a good idea for the growth and development of an organization. But is it equally promising to give the responsibility of transformation to the PMO?

In this article at Forbes, Peter Bendor-Samuel explains that even though PMOs are recognized as the most influential entity for tracking project outcomes, directing resources and investments for it, they are not good at orchestrating change.

PMO Shortcomings

Since transformation initiatives impact multiple divisions of the organization, giving responsibility to the PMO is a risky step. Even the best team may end up losing the knowledge and context. In some cases, the PMO starts losing organizational commitment and the ability to adjust the new initiatives efficiently. The outcome is unnecessary constraints and obstacles that may possibly alienate the teams involved before the PMO takes charge of it.

Let the PMO Coach

To avoid the chances of transformation failure, the better approach would be to let the PMO take on the role of a coach. This way, the PMO will keep the stakeholders involved and find ways to provide resources and assistance for the project.

Moreover, it will also allow the PMO to look for integration obstacles across the different lines of work and ways to combat them. The author suggests that in a complex transformation, it is a substantial risk to extend added responsibility and trust in a PMO to successfully manage the transformation process. If the PMO replaces the original stakeholder team which has come up with the idea for change, the ultimate objective will be lost. This may result in reworks, increase in time and budget, and risk of buy-ins. Thereby, keeping the PMO as a coach than an authoritative role will be a better approach. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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