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Want to Run Project Audit as a PMO? Be Wary of 6 Aspects

A project audit allows a PMO to monitor project progress and check alignment with expected goals. With several tools available for audit in the market, it can be a bit confusing to select the right one. In this article at, Emily Pribanic shares 6 project audit aspects a PMO should be wary of.

PMO and the Project Audit Process

Before you start with the project audit, understand the purpose of the process. As per PMI, it checks if ‘a project’s configuration items are correct and that the corresponding changes are registered, assessed, approved, tracked, and correctly implemented’. Without proper inspection, projects will fail, and you will lose the company fund reserve. To avoid such a situation, create an audit checklist. Free tools available online can help you, if you are new to auditing. Following are the 6 product audit aspects that a PMO must be careful about:

Plan: Find out how your organizations creates plans for a project and the time period within which teams promise to deliver. Running project audit on project planning can help you improve the the initial process for future projects.

Checking Progress: In this project audit step, find out if your project members are working as per the schedule. It is important to investigate if they are achieving their project goals as discussed during the kickoff meetings.

Inspection Quality: Review the checklist based on which your team approves a project. Does it identify areas which need immediate upscaling? Also, you must know who is responsible for keeping the project aligned with the overall goals.

Security: Security is a major issue in this age of globalization. Ensure that all security measures are in place for employee safety. During project audit, check if they are also complying with the company and project rules and regulations.

Customer Expectations: Without meeting customer expectations, no company can survive for long. Check if proper measures are taken keeping in mind customer requirements.

Budget Realization: One of the important aspects of a company’s survival is how you use its budget. Check if the projects have the potential to realize the money your company has invested in them.

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