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Project Change Request: How to Implement It Successfully

In the entire change control process, the project change request is the concluding step. This process ensures that you include all approved requests in the project scope. In this article at PM Majik, find out how you can implement project change request successfully.

Understanding the Project Change Request Process

If you acknowledged a project change request but not included it in the scope, you are not meeting customer expectations. Not only do the clients become frustrated but you also spend more time and budget for the same deliverables. Two roles—project manager and PMO—are responsible for the project change request. The project manager is accountable for including the change in the project scope and the plan to work on it. The PMO should check if the change register has the proposed change request. Provide the necessary time and budget to the team to work on the change.

PMO Steps to Change Request:

You can create the same fields in a change request template and change register. Create a standard operating procedure (SOP) to cover all the steps stakeholders agreed on for the change request.

Following are the ways to implement a project change request process as a PMO:

  • Store and record all the documents regarding the change request. This will help later to understand how stakeholders came to approve the request.
  • Send out details of the change board decision to all stakeholders. The project manager along with the team will get a clear idea about what they need to work on.
  • Include the result of the decision in the change control register.
  • Include the updated financial reports, should there be a change in the budget. Update the financial team regarding the same.
  • If there is a central system for project status, update the new timeline there to increase transparency across the organization. Also, update any register you maintain regarding timeframe, budget, scope, etc.

Role of the Project Manager and Team:

  • They must communicate the decision regarding the project change request across the team.
  • Include the change request in the project scope.
  • Change the dates and activities to incorporate the project change request.
  • Modify the budget.
  • Change the budget, timeline, and scope in all the new reports.

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