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How to Progress in Your PMO Career: 5 Insightful Tips

It is the best time to go ahead with your PMO career as industries are reevaluating the role’s functional value. Project management office professionals have moved beyond performing supporting and administrative functions. In this article at Axelos, Lindsay Scott provides 5 insightful tips to progress in your PMO career.

Moving Ahead in a PMO Career

Leveraging companies wanting to grow fast in this digital age, your PMO career can also take flight. You can provide relevant guidance and innovative solutions that would help them plan strategies well. Following are the ways by which you can progress in your PMO career:

Understanding the Career Scope: There are various roles that you can explore. Evaluate how those experiences would influence your PMO career path. Along with standard roles like administrator, analyst, manager, director, etc., you can also opt for specialist roles. You can involve in planning, financial, and benefits realization decision-making while taking up permanent, contractual, or freelancing positions. The best part of your job profile is that your experience is applicable across all the industries.

Ticking Requirement Boxes: Though you get a lot of options throughout the PMO career cycle, it is difficult to understand services companies need. Research thoroughly to offer services that companies commonly demand from PMO professionals.

PMO Level: There are 4 job levels for a PMO career aspirant. You must achieve experience for each level before companies consider you for the next. Entry-level PMO fresher, team member, manager, and director are the distinctive levels you can achieve.

Preparing for the Career: To move ahead, you must work on broadening your knowledge, experience, skills, aptitude, and certification levels. Keep a benchmark to regularly check how close you are to those personal goals.

Driving Rather Than Being Driven: You do not want to be in a state where you are no longer driving your own career. So, take actions that would help you grow in your PMO career path.

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