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5 Traits That Could Make You an Efficient PMO Leader

The responsibilities of a PMO leader includes creating standards, processes, and controls for projects and portfolios. You must go through all the projects and group similar ones in the same portfolio. In this article at Planview, Angie Sarmiento discusses 5 traits that could make you an efficient PMO leader.

Traits of a PMO Leader

A PMO leader must decide project prioritization based on how aligned projects are with the company’s strategic goals. Though the processes are under your management, you have no control over the people working in the project. However, you still must strive to make each project a success. Following are the 5 traits that could make you an efficient PMO leader:

Being the First to Respond: Instead of reacting when things wrong, look out for risks beforehand and fix them. Accumulate data in an accessible centralized database, establish processes, and schedule works as per importance.

Creating Realistic Goals: To bring up the organizational maturity, make goals that you can achieve and deliver in a short period. After working out a project or portfolio plan, ensure that every activity is aligned with the business goals. Adopt a suitable project management software to streamline project tasks.

Communicating Frequently: Communicate with stakeholders to maintain transparent relationships. Let the top management know how important communication is in making successful projects.

Leveraging Data: Stakeholders approve of facts and data as that give them better clarity. Set up metrics to measure if the activities are going as planned and generating the expected results.

Being the Role Model: Getting the team members to abide by your policies and work as per your instructions is difficult. Let them know how their work is contributing to the bigger organizational vision. Create an enabling environment that improves their efficiency and delivery quality.

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