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5 PMO Solutions for Challenges in the Digital Transformation Journey

Since the digital transformation is every company’s mission now, your PMO team might already be working on it. While you need to adapt to new roles, there are issues that you must be prepared to handle. In this article at PMO Solutions, Amireh Amirmazaheri discusses 5 PMO solutions for challenges faced in the digital transformation journey.

PMO and Digital Transformation

The role of a PMO in a digital transformation journey is about implementing policies that favor change and support it. Ralf Finchett Jnr gave solutions to 5 PMO challenges at the PMO Sydney Meetup session:

Understanding the Term: Digitization is more than a shift from paper to digitized transactions. The PMO must explain across the company the true value addition digital transformation brings. The company and the top leadership must lead the change and make customer-centric strategies. The organization has to offer omni-channel support to the customers.

Delivery Approaches Over Agile: ‘Be an Agile realist, not an Agile evangelist.’ Not all company can be Agile, and it works for deliverables that the client has already defined. Delivery approaches like Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) and Government Digital Services (GDS-UK) set expectations as per the Agile sprint deliverables. Discovery, Alpha, Beta, Live, etc. are approaches that fit sprints into the project lifecycle. As a PMO, you must create a work environment that allows free flow of thoughts. You should have credible reasons for the changes and the delivery method organization must opt for digital transformation.

Making Decisions: To implement changes, PMO must back claims of possible benefits by using insightful data with volumetrics and value-metrics. You should choose the right metrics to compare values of the designs. Use of reliability metrics will prove how proactive approach is better than the reactive.

Finding Relevant Skills: The PMO must constantly strive to find skills that support emerging technologies like AI, the blockchain, and voice activation. Enable your team to learn and adapt to the evolving digital transformation world faster.

The Right Investment: A good PMO would want to buy solutions that provide flexibility of the initial stages of the digital transformation journey. While looking after value delivery, you must also facilitate a work environment that enables new ideas, products, and services. To view the original article in full, visit the following link:

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