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How to Make Your Company Support Your PMO: 5 Tips

Since a PMO must have stakeholder support to survive and thrive, you must strive for it every single day. The problem is, a lot of people do not know much about project management office functions and they resist it. In this article at, Ellen Jarrett shares 5 tips to make your company support your PMO.

Getting the Much-Need Support for PMO

Several organizations are wrapping up PMOs as they do not understand the importance of the role. Following are the ways you can get company support for your PMO:

  1. Prioritize Problem-Solving: Send out a survey to find out the challenges project teams and members are facing. Also, give them an option to provide solutions. Acknowledge that the associates closest to the product can provide better solutions than you.
  2. Explain What Your Role Is: Project management should never be the tool to dominate people. Simplify processes and terms for all to understand. Terms like “Worth It?” instead of “Business Case” and “Curveball” instead of “Change Request” helped Jarrett’s teams to work better.
  3. Strive to Be Valuable to the Company: You must be busy attending meetings, gathering data, collating project reports, managing funds and resources, etc. Take the time to find some value in your gathered data and share your insights with the executive team.
  4. Be a Servant PMO Leader: You are serving a purpose just like the colleagues in the HR and IT departments. Instead of being authoritative, enable a positive environment where you do not hold the key to every decision. Build a community that encourages collective responsibility.
  5. Inculcate Organizational Values: Imbibe the organizational values to become one with the company. You are there to help the project teams become successful. Have an open door so that you can receive warnings as well as ideas freely.

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