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Make Your PMO Stronger in 4 Smart Steps

The primary role of a PMO is to provide the oversight and coordination to deliver projects on time and within budget. The PMO manages and reports on risk, cost, quality, scope, and resources of all the projects.

In this article at Market Wired, Martin Levy explains that to bring out the best from a PMO, empower them with the right tools to improve their strength.

Decentralize the PMO

The PMOs become a bottleneck that hinders project success if not functioned through a web-based workspace, ensuring the knowledge is shared across the enterprise. Follow these steps to strengthen your existing PMO or establishing a strong one:

  1. Take the PMO Outside Information Services: Right from the beginning, the PMO must be established, empowered, and equipped to serve the enterprise. It should be capable enough to resolve big issues pertaining to project selection, resource allocation, and determining RoI.
  2. Focus on Methods, Processes & Metrics: Start with a detailed audit and review of the project management implementation in your enterprise to ensure good practices are applied. This will help the PMOs to streamline methodologies, map out diverse models, and determine best practices that can be applied across the corporation.
  3. On-demand Access to the PMO System: The PMO must pervade the organization, and one of the effective ways to do so is ensuring the PMO system is accessible via the web-based workspace. It will keep the PMO decentralized and ensure that knowledge is shared across the enterprise.
  4. Do Not Overcomplicate the Process: Some project management tools are complex, expensive and are designed specifically for multi-billion dollar corporations. The organizations unable to afford such costly yet complex tools must hunt for a system that may offer them 80 percent of the features of the bigger systems at a fraction of the cost.

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