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How to Become an Efficient and Adaptive PMO

Adaptive PMO is a term that is becoming an industry requirement today. Instead of being a stickler to methodologies, organizations prefer a PMO team that enables customized approaches. In this article at PDWare, Jerry Manas discusses what an efficient and adaptive PMO can have as its USP.

The USP of Being an Adaptive PMO

While discussing adaptive PMO leadership, Manas talked highly about Susanne Madsen’s “Agile or Waterfall: 8 Tips to Help You Decide.” While the PMO supports the purist and hybrid methodologies taken by organizations, it also must be aware of the challenges. Though constant feedback can be useful for iterations, adhering strictly to Agile principles can pose a problem for large teams. The ultimate job of the PMO is to display efficiency in change leadership. This will provide the much-awaited culture of agility in the company that they serve.

Actual Role-Playing

It is tough to determine which approach—Agile, Waterfall, or Hybrid—suits the company the most. So, an adaptive PMO must not only be flexible to methodologies but also be firm enough to establish best practices. It should be about aligning the workforce with strategies so that the project teams can work towards fulfilling company objectives. In fact, it is about realizing benefits from projects and portfolios by utilizing resources to the fullest.

As per the author, PMI’s 2011 article “Reinventing the PMO” is still applicable and relevant in today’s disruptive market. He thinks that the adaptive PMO leaders are finally understanding their job requirements. They are coming to terms with the constant formation and deconstruction of new project management approaches. Modern PMOs are open to experimentation. Being the strategy leader of the company, an adaptive PMO must be the first to adapt to changes to enable an innovative environment in the organization.

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