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Watch Out for these 5 PMO Trends in 2019

Along with fresh beginnings, you might also see some prominent PMO trends in 2019. Some might transform how organizations do businesses today. Other project management offices might have a long-lasting effect on companies or teams. In this article at Ten Six Consulting, know the 5 PMO trends you must be watching out for in 2019.

2019 PMO Trends

The project management offices had a strong influence on business operations worldwide. Thanks to the onset of the digital transformation era, it has been a busy year for every PMO. Following are the trends you might capture in 2019:

  • The Rise of Hybrid Approaches: More project teams are going for a blend of agile and waterfall methodologies. The PMO must now allow managers to choose approaches and support them with tools and resources. Meanwhile, it also needs to suggest new managers how to pick the best features out of all the approaches. The processes should be leaner with the exact amount of management intervention—nothing more, nothing less.
  • Training Managers and Upscaling Talents: A PMO support is useful if the project teams have the right skills and management capabilities. To maximize the benefits offered by project management offices, organizations must train managers and new talents. Companies must also formulate a career path, encourage cross-functional team relationships, and analyze and invest in innovative tools.
  • Executing Strategy Successfully Becomes Pivotal: Companies come up with strategies all the time, but few are implemented. Your PMO must ensure that the strategies are viable enough for the project teams to execute it. Project management offices should sit with the ideation and execution teams to discuss and mitigate issues if any.
  • Adoption of New Tools: It is not about the latest tools but their relevance that could increase your organization’s productivity. The PMO needs to evaluate tools before investing and implementing them. You should be able to enjoy innovative technologies like big data or AI through these applications.
  • Satisfying the Learning Curve: Employees like to acquire skills faster now and your project management office should have funds for it. Also, various roles need expertise in more than one skill nowadays. The PMO must organize training sessions to retain the existing and attract new talents.

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