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6 Ways to Nurture Project Management Office

PMOs play a major role in the success of a business. They support in major decision-making at the time of crisis and are helpful in bringing potential outcomes. While good PMOs are hard to find or form, effective ones are even rarer.

In this article at Thinking Portfolio, the author shares the common traits of good PMOs that make them a valuable part of the organization.

Sync with the Needs

The PMOs must reflect the organizational culture and strategy. Organizations with a PMO report significant progress in their project delivery that too within the intended budget and time. To establish or choose an effective and profitable PMO for your organization, count on these traits:

  1. Transparency: Effective PMOs possess great insight into the cost and progress of a project. They can distribute resource information, schedule and talk about costs to the intended stakeholders to keep all parties involved abreast with the latest updates.
  2. Consistency: The right PMOs consider and analyze all projects with the same quality standards and needs. They eliminate redundancies and bureaucratic practices that may hamper the project progress.
  3. Flexibility: Their ability to adapt to the unique portfolio and project needs is a telltale sign. Project delivery styles are largely determined by organizational structures.
  4. Communication skills: By creating a stable and transparent line of communication between the technical team, managers, executives, and stakeholders, PMOs’ abilities can be judged. They need to establish a seamless chain of communication among teams and maintain it always.
  5. Organizational Skills: They are responsible for scheduling and budgeting all projects. Therefore, it is essential to judge their ability to prioritize tasks, assess and allocate resources to keep a constant watch over project budget. They must ensure that no resources are wasted or misused.
  6. Problem Solving: Regardless of the size, nature, and priority, mistakes are bound to emerge in a project. Instead of losing their cool or playing the blame game, an effective PMO determines the cause of the issue and takes immediate action to resolve

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