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Role of a PMO in the Project Management Space

Majority of the companies had shut down PMO in 2012, so the role is turning over a new leaf now. A PMI report suggests that by 2020, 15.7 million project management roles will come up worldwide for ‘project-intensive’ industries. In this article at KnowledgeHut, Isha Shukla discusses the role of PMO in the project management space.

Future PMO Perspective

The above-mentioned statistics also includes the PMO roles. Organizations usually establish a project management office that you can classify as below:

  • A standalone project office for a large project
  • A centralized project management office handling multiple projects
  • A strategic project management office (SPMO)
  • A PMO that handles different roles based on the company requirements

The Role

  1. Since programs are becoming more complex, a project management office becomes the point of contact for your company. It assigns resources to various projects and ensures transparent communication among the stakeholders.
  2. The role is not the job of one individual only. You can assign a team to look after the smooth transfer of a single project or multiple projects. Upon asking the importance of a PMO in the 2016 Project Group webinar, 77% of participants replied methods and processes. The rest went for project services (68%), project portfolio control (55%), training and coaching (47%), and strategic project management (26%).
  3. When well-established, your team members will naturally contact the project management office for challenges. It acts as the grievance cell that listens to the problems and consults with the project managers for solutions. However, the project management office must hold significant sway in the organization for this to happen frequently.
  4. As for the contribution to a project, a project management office helps coordinate within and outside the team. It also standardizes processes, looks after the governance, and tracks project progress, resources and budgets.

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