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3 Reasons Why Program Management Fails

Majority of the companies do not consider program management as a feature that differentiates it from the rest. However, the philosophy will achieve success only if you and your company accept its importance. In this article at SQT, know the reasons why program management fails in a company.

3 Common Barriers to Program Management

If you think that program management is a vital part of your performance machinery, it has a chance to succeed. It is another management philosophy and not tools, techniques, or administrative processes. Like project management, it too has guidelines, associations, and liability factors for a project environment. Following are the reasons why the philosophy fails in a company:

  • Lack of Knowledge: Do your colleagues have an in-depth knowledge of this type of management? Maybe they know it theoretically, but do not know how to accommodate the knowledge in their day-to-day practice. The lack of case studies and use cases has left the idea of program management mostly as a theory. Hardly any organization boasts of a committee that runs in this philosophy. At the most, you will find a project manager playing a dual role.
  • Inability to Associate on an Organizational Level: You can deploy program management holistically in a project or strategic level. However, you need to organize your programs in the company to get better results. Majority of the enterprises apply program management without planning and that results in failures.
  • Underestimating the Influence: Employees hardly associate this type of management with anything larger as they are unsure of the value it can provide. You can use it to run the entire organization as well as look after the strategic objectives. In fact, you can manage your business seamlessly with this philosophy. The sole reason for its existence is strategic planning and people management.

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