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The Role of a PMO in Resource Management

Project or resource managers, rather than a PMO, is more involved in resource management. The difference is that the PMO has a high-level participation while the managers are actively involved in the process. In this article at Orchestra, Billal Khan discusses the role of a PMO in resource management.

PMO and Resource Management

A PMO helps managers with approvals so that they can hire and assign resources to deliver within time and budget. Instead of being directly involved with the process, it trains the middle managers. It mentors them on project estimates, resource assignments, and creating and maintaining a balance in stakeholder relationships. When you categorically ask what PMOs do for resource management, the following comes to mind:

  • Identification and verification of resource skills
  • Classification and maintaining a repository of resources
  • Generation of processes, approaches, and best practices for resource allocation
  • Management of project planners and controllers, project managers and resource managers
  • Creation and conduct of training sessions and evaluation of performance thereafter
  • Establishment of project management software and project collaboration tools

4 Purposes

The PMO participates in resource management for the 4 following purposes mainly:

  1. Understanding Management Capability: The committee evaluates whether the project managers are efficient enough to recruit resources. PMOs also develop training programs for managers to lead the projects better and decrease failure rates.
  2. Professional Skill Development: It is the job of the PMO to enable existing employees to increase their professional skills. The training sessions are a way to engage and retain high performers.
  3. Formulating Job Descriptions: PMOs must compose job descriptions to help the project managers hire resources with the relevant skills for the right projects. You cannot attract or explain candidates their potential roles when the job profiles are vague.
  4. Organizational Capability: PMOs also should have a count of the resources and their skill sets across the organization. They then create a database and hire or reallocate resources based on shortage or overload.

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