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6 Major Security Issues that PMOs Must Deal with in a Project

Security issues are common for PMOs during a project lifecycle. It starts with the project initiation and continues throughout the execution process. In this article at Thinking Portfolio, know the 6 major issues that PMOs must deal with in a project.

PMOs Dealing with Project Security Issues

If the PMOs are not vigilant about the project’s security issues, it can lead to intellectual property theft. Improper security management can also ruin a company’s credibility to do business. Following are the 6 major security issues that PMOs must deal with in a project:

  1. Ghost in the Security Infrastructure: Anybody that gains access to the project’s details can download them in a personal USB drive or smartphones. The PMOs must ramp up the company’s security measures to avoid such incidents.
  2. Scheduling Work: Your project information should not leak The PMOs must ensure that the next person in line is authorized to work on the project. All the data generated every day from the project needs to be channelized properly to avoid information leakage.
  3. Authorized Entry Only: As told above, it is necessary to pass on information to authorized personnel to stay ahead in the competition. PMOs must ensure they provide identification details to key resources that nobody can mimic or copy.
  4. Copyrights and Licenses: Companies buy software licenses and pay a hefty amount to provide security to the third-party vendor The project managers must check if people are misusing the applications for their own benefits.
  5. Competitor Conspiracy: When companies are working on the same project, they might use various methods to slow the progress of the other. Your PMO must then assign deadlines and milestones to the project members to get things done faster.
  6. Resource Security: When the resources are working on projects that have national-level importance, their life can be in danger. You must secure them to prevent the competitors from using brute force to get information from them.

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