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Solutions to 5 Resource Management Challenges of a PMO

For a PMO, resource management has always been a problem. Teams overshoot deadlines because they do not know what kind of resources they need. Though handling a low resource count is one of the maladies of project management, the real reasons are different. If the PMO cannot manage people, workflow, scheduling, and priorities, the projects are definitely going to fail. In this article at Projility, José Marroig discusses the 5 resource management challenges a PMO faces regularly.

When Resource Management Is a Challenge

In project portfolio management, resource generally means equipment, but it actually is people and their skills and bandwidth. For a project to be successful, the resources need to have the right skill sets. Following are the 5 resource management challenges of a PMO:

  1. Inaccurate or Insufficient Information: The majority of organizations store wrong data about resource skills and their bandwidth. Some departments keep the resource information to themselves. As a result, the PMO does not have detailed information about resources that are spread across the organization.
  2. Impractical Deadlines: Most project requestors do not know how much bandwidth is available with the desired resources. Since the coordinators fix dates without this knowledge, resources cannot complete their tasks on time.
  3. Unrealized Skills: A project can fail if the resource skills are not realized fully. When organizations do not document resource skills, poor resource management crops up.
  4. Resource Utilization Planning: A good resource management will evaluate the risks involved and facilitate a smooth transition of the resources. Infrequent work updates, ignorance about project challenges, and no buffer time for last-minute client requirements are signs of disorganized planning.
  5. Poor Management: Usually, resource managers monitor the resources and inform their availability status across the organization to avoid projects clamoring for resources. However, the majority of the organizations do not have such roles.

The Solution

While hiring resource managers can solve resource management challenges, sometimes they too are tied up. Following are the ways a PMO can make resource management a bit easier to tackle:

  • Dedicating a PMO Member: If your organization is short of budget, a PMO member with good organization skills can be the resource manager.
  • Best Practices: The job of PPM is to create transparency and consistency across the organization. You must maintain the industry best practices for reporting, measuring performances, and data collection. This way, the PMO will have a realistic information about the resource capacities and challenges.
  • PPM Tools: With the right amount of governance and PPM tools, resource management can become easier. Since the tools help to visualize project work statuses, challenges, and pipelines, the PMO can track the resources better.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.projility.com/constant-pmo-struggle-resource-management/

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