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PMO Negotiations: How to Get Management Approval for External Services

It becomes difficult for a PMO to convince stakeholders of external services when companies are finding ways to cut costs and resources. Nevertheless, it becomes necessary to hire consultants, specialists, and vendors when in-house resources are insufficient. In this article at Duration Driven, are 6 negotiation tips to help a PMO get management support for external services.

The Negotiating PMO

Since a project’s success depends on the timely actions of a PMO, its members must hone up their negotiation skills. Below are the 6 ways a PMO can get management approval for external services:

  1. Complete Project Scope: Write down the project scope so that you are clear with the requirements for your project’s success. You can then convince the stakeholders why you require those external services and what is at stake.
  2. The In-house Capability: When you ask for additional support, the stakeholders might feel that your team does not have the required skills. You must let them know what skills you have to get that doubt out of their mind.
  3. Reason for External Help: The stakeholders will come up with various questions, especially after you have explained that the in-house PMO has skills. Be prepared to answer queries like how your competitors are handling the crisis and the estimated budget.
  4. Hiring or Loaning Resources: You also must tell them if the PMO would benefit by hiring instead of loaning resources. Explain objectively the pros and cons. To get internal resources, the company must devote time to the hiring process, decide on a salary package, and train them. The external services already have the required skill sets. Moreover, the company needs to pay them as long as they are providing the required services.
  5. Service No Longer Needed: The skills are specific to projects, so you will know the period within which you require the external services. Highlight the benefit of outsourcing instead of paying for internal resources whose skills you no longer need.
  6. Option B: Even after they are convinced about the PMO requirement, there still might be some setbacks. Cost, the level of access to be provided to the outside resources, and current conditions can tie their hands up. Explain how their inactions will affect your project, timeline, customers, business partners, and the company’s position in the market.

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