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Will Artificial Intelligence Open a New Chapter for PMO?

Artificial intelligence seems to have become a hot favorite with several sectors and departments, one of them being your PMO. People are getting used to virtual assistants guiding them to reach their destination. Is artificial intelligence opening a new chapter in the PMO landscape? In this article at ITIL Training, know how artificial intelligence is changing the future of PMO.

Artificial Intelligence and the PMO

The PMO members must perform a set of standard tasks regularly, like sending weekly meeting reminders. They also must look out for new rules and find ways to implement them in the company. With artificial intelligence simplifying tasks, you might see a whole new chapter added to the PMO function in your company.

AI Benefits That PMO Can’t Ignore

  1. Automating Repetitive Tasks: A PMO has to perform standard, routine tasks that the artificial intelligence can help implement. It does not lessen the credibility of the human workforce, just frees up the checklist. Your virtual assistant can create budget plans, task list, and also help in risk management.
  2. Unassisted Assistance: Without much effort, AI can integrate with other applications for reference and better administration. You can get a warning about a possible missed deadline or pending tasks. It can also look at the historical data and recommend the resources best suited for the upcoming tasks.
  3. Risk Management: AI will recognize the patterns in the available data to predict risks early. So, organizations will majorly depend on artificial intelligence for risk management. It can also help document the activities done in the project for easy reference.
  4. Facts More than Belief: Since AI will store up project data, you will have more facts to back up your project vision. Also, artificial intelligence will provide accurate and impersonal reports on project status to sponsors. This will increase the credibility of your PMO and build the company reputation.

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