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Is Your PMO Providing These 3 Modern Values to Your Company?

A lot of organizations are replacing their PMO with SMO, Strategic Management Office. They want to get a piece of the digital transformation. However, the traditional project management office, with its rigid policies and decorum, cannot put up with the fast-paced agile environment. So, some companies have successfully transformed their PMOs that continue adding value to their objectives but with a modern outlook. In this article at CA Technologies, Laureen Knudsen discusses 3 values that a modern-day PMO should be providing the company.

The Renewed PMO: The Story Unfolds

The problem with the traditional PMO is that it does not agree with the flexibility of the current work culture. Today’s organizations need a governance body that will empower the teams rather than control and slow down their progress. The modern project management office has undergone a major transformation in the recent years. Successful organizations have PMOs that play a big role in their continued growth. Following are the ways they are adding value to the companies:

  1. Broadening the Focus Area: The new PMO concentrates on the business as a whole rather than focusing on individual projects. Verbal intimation of project status is replaced by the more strategic use of accrued data. Back up your idea with data and the committee will pull up all its socks to make it a reality.
  2. Adding More Flexibility into Governance: To integrate with the current agile mindset, project management office is adopting a more flexible governance approach. The work is more data-driven and well-documented rather than verbal commitments. Moreover, the PMOs have tangible results to back up their strategic success.
  3. More Open to Innovation: It is the job of the new project management office to create an encouraging environment for innovation. No more backroom ideation or unrealized projects. The modern PMO is helping strategies to give real-time benefits in the form of successful releases and deliverables.

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