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How to Create Effective PMO Templates? 5 Brilliant Tips

A project management office or PMO needs to perform several functions and keep a track of the processes. To set a standard, you must possess some ready PMO templates and make your life easy. In this article at PM Majik, there are 5 brilliant tips that will help to create effective PMO templates.

Building PMO Templates

The templates you create are going to be used across the organization. They must be straightforward and easy to fill out. Following are the 5 tips to help you formulate PMO templates that are effective:

  1. User-friendly: While creating a template, always think from the perspective of the users. Give guidelines as to how to fill the form. They will understand what data you exactly want to gather from them through the templates. High-flown language or usage of technical terms may get you improper or half-filled forms. Save yourself the trouble of creating another template for the same purpose and the same audience.
  2. Proper Font Size: You have used the smallest font size to make everything fit on one page. The management too will send it back citing readability issues. Also, the stakeholders might think you are trying to hide something like the insurance companies. If space is less, ask your project teams to be specific about their inputs.
  3. Make a Printable Version: The employees may print the PMO templates. You might as well design them in a printable version. Creating an A4 size version also helps to paste it on a presentation.
  4. Be Specific: If you need a lot of data, send multiple PMO templates that capture different data points. However, every template must be specific, just like a dashboard.
  5. Make It Formal: Presentation is important. So, think about the font size, the color of each data field, etc. before you start working. The PMO templates are for official use, so ensure they look formal and do not have any design other than necessary.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.pmmajik.com/5-tips-pmo-template-design/

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