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How the PMOs Can Help You Drive Digital Transformation

Several industries are undergoing a digital transformation. CIOs and CTOs are overhauling their business models to accommodate digitization. However, the process needs a long-term effort and they are facing several challenges. The senior management has realized that a PMO can help solve these issues. In this article at Projility, José Marroig discusses how the PMOs can drive digital transformation successfully.

Driving Digital Transformation

Nowadays, clienteles, vendors, and the workforce want better accessibility, privacy, security, and customized applications and software. And that is possible through digitization. Digital transformation is basically updating or replacing your legacy architecture and incorporating innovative technologies into your business processes and functions. The wave requires a shift in the business model, corporate setup, and an agile mindset. To achieve these, CIOs and CTOs are looking forward to the PMOs streamlining change management, stakeholder buy-ins, and strategy-making efforts. Following are the 5 ways PMOs can help companies drive digital transformation:

  1. Preparation: Though PMOs are basically pre-planned, new PPM tools allow them to reposition projects that align more with the company goals. You can also shift your focus based on the changing business scenarios.
  2. Backing: Since digital transformation should be implemented across the organization, you need a strong backing from the higher management. As PMOs deal top orders regularly, they already know what data could them get the required support. Senior management support enables the PMOs to shift the enterprise culture in favor of digital transformation.
  3. Observation: Thanks to Big Data, IoT, and user-friendly tools, the PMOs have a huge amount of data at their disposal. This allows them to analyze, provide actionable insights, and create company strategies.
  4. Administration: The PMO is the observation tower of the company that can point out resource or skill gaps. The committee helps the organization to utilize resources optimally. The outcomes of this is a proactive, approachable, and productive work environment.
  5. Implementation: With the use of modern PPM tools, the PMO helps the workforce to understand how change can be beneficial for them. Clear objectives and visible results make a more engaged and adaptive workforce.

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