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PMO: Don’t Underestimate the ‘Fear of Change’

Before talking about the PMO and project team’s reaction towards ‘fear of change’, it is essential to understand the meaning of it. The self-imposed concern of an individual that any change will have a negative impact on them is the ‘fear of change’. It is human nature to assess every situation and react accordingly.

In this article at PM Majik, the author covers every reason that incites fear and what actions a PMO can take to combat it.

Resistance to Change

The best way to combat change is to recognize the expectable source of resistance in every condition. This will help in forming a strategy to counter it. Even though it is difficult for the leaders to make everyone adaptive to change easily, still they can help in reducing the discomfort that comes with the change.

Common Fears

To help the team, the PMO or project leaders need to cover all the reasons developing fear among people. The author suggests ten most common fears mentioned by a Harvard Business School Professor, Rosabeth Moss Kanter. Let’s take a look:

  1. Losing control over territory
  2. Uncertainty of process
  3. Decisions imposed suddenly
  4. Fast transformation at once
  5. The big shift of strategic direction
  6. Growing competition
  7. Inevitable and unanticipated glitches
  8. Impact to other areas outside immediate change
  9. Ghosts of the past or historic resentments
  10. Losing job

Actions to Conquer Fear

The most essential step in this regard is to be sensitive about the consequences take the right action to manage the implementation of change. The PMOs spend enough time on creating plans, defining needs, building solution, testing and implementing change management. But they often lack in communicating the process to the team or ensuring if the team has taken it easily.

Therefore, it is essential to plan and engage the team beforehand and prepare them in advance. The author believes that ‘fear of change’ can seriously affect the implementation of a change project. To address the concerns and support the end users, recognize their fear first and give rest to all the concerns with an instant and honest response. Read the full article on the following link:


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