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How to Improve Business-IT Alignment?

Complex operating environments and rising global competition have fueled the need for aligning all the business activities with strategic goals. As IT plays an important role in the organization, aligning business and IT becomes crucial.

In this article at CIO, David Cotgreave shares how aligning business and IT together can bring positive outcomes and better ROI.

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Once the business goals are clear, it is pivotal to align business and IT project management strategies to improve project success rate. Moreover, technology helps in reducing human effort and making things fall in the right place. Here are a few ways to align business-IT strategy:

  1. Early Involvement: Involve the leaders from PMO or EPMO at the strategic planning stage to align IT and business strategy. To deliver a strategy through IT initiatives, involve project leaders as the plans are conceived.
  2. Strategy Translation: If the IT leaders or PMO are not engaged initially, it creates problem when the business strategy is translated into IT strategy. Often the dependency of IT and business impacts the overall purpose of the project. To remove all these hurdles and align with business needs, the IT teams must resolve their queries constantly by asking questions.
  3. Celebrate Alliance: The businesses that attain high project success rate must have effectively aligned their business-IT strategies. Ideally, a great business idea must flow from the IT experts to the C-suite executive.
  4. Project Governance: IT project governance is the greatest influencer for successful business case alignment. To continue progressing towards the next level, business case alignment needs to be monitored and measured constantly. The moment IT and business strategy starts parting ways, required adjustments should be made on priority.
  5. Flexibility: Keeping the long-term projects in mind, the business alignment needs to be flexible enough. The business case alignment today may not compliment the future prospects in six months from now. Even the fast-changing technology demands flexible IT initiatives.
  6. Clear Strategic Role: The most successful business strategy keeps everyone in the organization well informed about the strategic goals. Also, the business leaders need to be clear about the roles of each individual in the IT project management team. It will ensure how their work will contribute to massive returns.

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