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How to Reform the PMO Landscape: 3 Scenarios

Enough has been said and done to establish a future-ready PMO. Still, there is no perfect strategy to develop an ideal PMO. Often the attempts to modernize the PMO fail because they are not comprehensive enough.

In this article at, Bruce Garrod narrates few scenarios that may help in transforming your PMO and making them well-prepared to shape a better future for the business.

Robust Framework

The design and operations of PMO need to transform to support the delivery programs of tomorrow. The author shares three foreseen scenarios to the future PMO as per his personal market observation:

  1. Deliver Value: Be it a high price share company or a publicly funded enterprise, each department is expected to deliver concrete value. Similarly, the primary function of a PMO is to deliver high standard projects. The consistent approach that determines the key stakeholder’s expectations from the delivery specialists is to train a high-performing team and ensure that the stakeholder needs are met.
  2. Less is More: Establish a project-data warehouse under the supervision of PMO. The data specifies the accurate cost of the project, risks involved, contractor performance and quality control results. This readily accessible data allows the PMO to enable project managers to work efficiently. This will save the project managers’ time in allocating resources. They can utilize this additional time can utilize in focusing on client’s requirements and constant interaction with them.
  3. Revenue Generator: For internal organizations, the PMO and team of project managers act as delivery experts. Other organizations hire them as per their operating budgets and requirements. In fact, the business mind project managers could add more value to already profitable sales. However, the PMO remains a significant contributor to the overall productivity and success of the organization.

The author suggests the PMO to constantly evolve with the rapidly changing business trends. Even though the three scenarios shared above may not fit always, but they can prepare an existing PMO to be ready for the future. To read the original article, click on the following link:–Right–PMO-of-Tomorrow-#_=_

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