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Tweak Your Strategy Execution in 3 Easy Ways

Execution is not just about delivering an adopted strategic plan, but it is about developing an execution capability that has a substantial competitive advantage. The limited resources partly influence PMO’s execution capability but it mostly constraints the mindset. To succeed, a PMO needs to blend project disciplines with culture change and innovation management.

In this article at Strategy Execution, Elizabeth Harrin shares three easy ways to boost chances of better strategic execution. All you need is to tweak your way a bit.

Trick to Tweak

The PMO acts like a leader who helps in influencing and executing projects to drive results. By developing right mindset and skill, organizations can improve their ability to execute strategy and achieve goals. Here are three simple but impactful tweaks:

  1. Involve Delivery Team: For successful delivery, involving the delivery team in the project at the earliest stage is necessary. The author suggests involving ‘head of project delivery’ or ‘PMO Director’ or equivalent in strategy creation. This will help in heading towards the right direction. Later the project delivery professionals like project managers could join. Lessons learned from previous projects are equally essential for new initiatives to improve chances of finishing the strategic initiatives within the desired time, budget and delivery expectation.
  2. Eliminate Bias: Finding the possibility of delivering what’s planned is essential. To do so, step back and get a review of the proposed initiatives. Using project assurance function or seeking advice from other project managers from a different department is the most unbiased approach. Let them check the cause of additional expenses, possible delays, risks and other reasons that may affect the project goals. This will help you unravel the problems before they arise, thereby leading way to accuracy.
  3. Right Commitment: Announce the project delivery date at a tangible Improbable commitments create issues for those who are supposed to hit the milestones. In fact, to meet the random deadlines, the delivery team needs to cut corners and struggle. There is no point compelling the delivery team to choose a path that won’t bring out their best work.

The author believes that implementing these practical business practices will help in unlocking the possibility of success by embracing the uncertainties at an early stage. Read the original article on the following link:




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