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5 Project Management Trends to Observe in 2018

With each passing year, project management is flexing its roots. This year holds sharp focus on people and technologies to deliver successful projects. Even the market experts predict significant amount of growth in project management industry.

In this article at TechRepublic, Moira Alexander shares a list of upcoming project trends that will design a better future for organizations.

Trends Shaping 2018

Even in 2018, big organizations in diverse fields continued facing the same challenges as they have been facing for years. However, by embracing change and bringing new project management trends in place, surpassing any challenge would be easier.

Fast Picking Trends

If the project managers adopt these fast-emerging trends than it would open doors for better work opportunities to them. Therefore, here is a of major project management trends to watch over:

  1. The EPMO model: The Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) aims to align all projects, programs, and portfolio activities with organizational objectives. In the past, this strategic PMO was allied to big organizations only. However, moving forward in 2018, organizations from any industry can adopt this model to lead project management.
  1. Adoption of formal PM tools: With the availability of reasonable web-based project management tools and software, even startups and small companies will integrate PM tools. 2018 will see rapid growth and adoption of formal project management tools and processes. It will reduce the failure rate of startups by managing time, objectives, and resources efficiently.
  1. Analytics tools: The business analytics tool will help project teams to analyze and pinpoint right project trends. It will enable the teams to identify project risks and make desired plans to improve their project performance. These tools will help companies to locate key performing areas and customize their products as per the user’s need. In a bid to lead in the right direction and gain better project insight, more companies will take advantage of this powerful tool in 2018.
  1. Remote project management: 2018 will see major push towards remote project management from both project teams and organizations. With millennials turning out to be the biggest assets for companies in North America, the employers had to consider their comfort quotient in mind. This trend is fast gaining attention of other organizations and countries. The added benefits like high performance, reduced sick leave, employee satisfaction and compact logistics have stimulated the shift towards remote project management.
  1. Emotional intelligence: 2018 will see more emphasis on emotional intelligence in hiring. Organizations would prefer to absorb self-motivated, skilled, self-aware employees who aims to develop better project outcomes. This year will continue throwing uncertain challenges and to make the teams more defensive, recruiters will hire resources that can exhibit emotional intelligence.

Changing trends bring freshness and new zeal to score high and challenge old concepts. In this article, the author aims to lure attention towards change in project management. Read the original article at link below:

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