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Does Your IT Department Need a PMO?

Not every business needs a PMO in every situation. But when a PMO can improve operations, that potential for improvement is probably dramatic. An article at TG Daily shares some quick advice to help you decide if implementing a PMO would be a good idea for your IT department.

The first consideration is whether your IT projects factor heavily into business strategy and growth. If they do, then that elevates the profile of IT projects in general, and implementing a PMO would be a good way to monitor and improve value realization of these critical projects. Additionally, if your IT projects deal with significant complexity, that is another good reason to build a PMO; a PMO will support projects to remove risk and deconstruct the complexity into manageable workloads.

More generally, if you want to standardize the way that project managers and their teams execute projects, a PMO can provide that standardization. It can also function in a project portfolio management role, if there is need to rein in an abundance of projects. But remember that there is significant upfront cost and effort involved in building a PMO. Confirm in advance that the value realized will outweigh the costs in a reasonable time scale.

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