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Fast Tips for Better Project Management Training Programs

Nobody likes employing or reporting to a dumb-dumb manager, and that is why PMOs build training programs to create the fittest project managers possible. A post at Duration-Driven shares a few tips to make your program shine. For starters, make sure the training is actually relevant to job duties and aligns with strategy. Always be updating the program to account for new developments or changing corporate philosophies. But do not emphasize the technical end of management too extremely either. Take time to help managers brush up on the essentials too.

Often, the most effective way to learn is by doing, and that is why training should be hands-on whenever possible. Hands-on training offers opportunities to safely screw up, which is great because failure is another useful source of learning.

Lastly, try to put together people with different personalities and experience levels. Best case scenario—cross-pollination will occur between their perspectives, resulting in yet one more layer of learning for the people in your training program.

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