Building the PMOProject Management Office

Make People Want to Welcome Your PMO

What should you do if you are championing a PMO, but you are worried your rallying cries will fall on deaf ears? You should get strategic and craft a structured approach to earning support. A post at PM Majik describes what this might entail.

Ultimately, it is all about proving the business need for a PMO exists, so you should start by identifying a business problem that a PMO can solve. Perhaps standardization of processes would give a needed boost in productivity or alignment, or a PMO would enable faster mobilization. Whatever the case may be, it is then on you to convey that information to key stakeholders in a format that resonates with them. This may or may not involve a glamorous PowerPoint presentation. But the point is that you must do your homework on these people and cater your message to their areas of interest.

To really drive home your point, define what success with the PMO will look like:

This helps to ensure that you secure the support. You should look to convey what the sponsor can expect if the PMO is implemented. How it will make things better for them. To give this weight, it is important to define what measures will be used to demonstrate success. This makes it real and shows that you are confident with your proposal.

There is not much more you can do than this to garner support, so just be persistent. You should win them over eventually. You can view the original post here:

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