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5 Resolutions PMO Directors Should Make for 2017

Alright, more than a third of the year is over, but it is never too late to get resolute, right? In a post for the IIL Blog, J. LeRoy Ward recommends five ways that PMOs can tighten their focus and maximize their positive impact on the business this year. How many of these are you already doing?

  1. Establish and focus on key project performance metrics.
  2. Zero in on benefits realization.
  3. Be aware of how political climate might alter your portfolio.
  4. Be the center of innovation for projects.
  5. Lead in agile.

Resolutely Focused

Implementing and measuring key performance metrics is the only reliable way to know that project management is improving from one year to the next. Which metrics you use is up to your business context, but the measuring itself is not optional. After all, enabling and demonstrating high project performance is one of the major ways a PMO justifies its own existence.

Likewise, keep tabs on not just the deliverables of ongoing projects, but also if those deliverables agree with the ultimate objective being sought. If a project is going out into space, it needs to be reined in. Always be asking your project managers questions about outcomes, and they will get the message that they need to be thinking about the big picture.

Sometimes the big picture is really, really big, as is the case with political upheavals. PMOs need to be ready when a changing of the guard in government affects business regulations. Strategy will likely have to change, and the PMO will be tasked with facilitating that.

About PMOs and innovation, Ward says this:

Innovation: it’s an overused and jaded term but it’s never been more important to organizations today. Business models in many industries are quickly fading into irrelevance, and organizations are struggling to survive in light of massive global and technological change. General Electric now bills itself as the leader of a digital industrial transformation with an outpost in Silicon Valley to tap into that rich technological ecosystem. Digital transformation is everywhere. Where’s the innovation in your projects? As PMO Director, search and advocate for those projects that don’t just “keep the lights on,” but illuminate new ways of doing things and that create new products that customers will clamor for.

Lastly, PMOs need to lead the agile wave in the business. There is room for their coexistence, and if you do not get agile, you will eventually be left in everyone else’s dust. And in the short-term, people will start to work around the PMO to get what they need—never a good thing.

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